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The Utopia of 20 Minutes Embrace

A mass embrace between strangers orchestrated by performance artists, the Gao Brothers, and Stephan Hausmeister at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


(Please be there already half an hour in advance)

The Gao Brothers Zhen (1956) and Qiang (1962) are among China´s most significant contemporary artists and have presented internationally acclaimed exhibitions of their photography and performance work in New York, Paris and Moscow. The Gaos describe their hugging-performances as urban theatre and plan to invite 1000´s of people to take part in the event at Brandenburg Gate.

Speaking about the choice of this location Gao Qiang has said:

“Once we had discussion with some friends from East and West Germany about the Berlin Wall, and it turned out that they have the same opinion about the Wall’s collapse. All of them stated that even though the Wall has been destroyed the precise image will be always in their minds. There are many different kinds of walls blocking people’s awareness that need to be smashed.”

The Gao’s Embrace series is internationally acknowledged as a profound and significant work reflecting the realities of contemporary China while describing global problems, relevant for the whole of mankind.

Blacklisted in 1989, the brothers were not allowed to leave China for 14 years but nevertheless their reputation outside China continued to grow. In 2001 they were invited to perform ´Hug on the Human Plateau´ for the 49th Venice Biennale. As the travel ban was still in place the event had to take place in Jinan, China with others from around the world participating via the internet.

A video of the Berlin Hug will be online 3 hours after the event at